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Summer Heat and Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Summer Heat and Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Summer of 2023 is here, and with the heat comes some challenges for individuals on oxygen therapy. High humidity and extreme heat can exacerbate conditions such as COPD, meaning those who are compromised need to take extra precautions during the summer months. They need to also take extra care of their oxygen concentrators if they are on oxygen therapy. Units are not made to withstand extreme heat, so it’s important to keep an eye on the conditions in which you use your unit.

What temperature is too hot for your oxygen concentrators?

The safest temperature range for your unit is between 60- and 70-degrees Fahrenheit. If you need to spend more time outside during summer heat exceeding 70 degrees Fahrenheit, try to find a shaded area under some trees or by a building. Keep an eye on the weather and the time you spend outdoors, for your health and the health of your oxygen unit. Ensure it won’t be near the maximum operating temperature and plan your day around when it will be safe to use your concentrator outdoors. For example, early mornings and evenings tend to be safest, because it is not peak heat hours.

Remember, if you are someone who has respiratory issues you must take caution during hot summer days too! Avoid exercise and strenuous activity outdoors and drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated. Not sure what is safe to do outdoors? Check out these oxygen friendly outdoor activities.

Properly storing your oxygen concentrator is also important.

In the summer, temperatures tend to fluctuate in different areas of your house. You might have a lower level that is always cooler than the top level. Maybe you have AC in certain rooms but not in all. A good rule of thumb is to keep your oxygen concentrator in a living space. Never leave your oxygen concentrator in an attic, garage or basement since temperatures can fluctuate wildly in those spaces. Store your oxygen concentrator in a place that is kept at the same temperature as the rest of your house.

Now that we know how to keep ourselves and our oxygen concentrators safe this summer… let’s make some fun plans! Check in with your healthcare provider if you are unsure about an activity you’d like to do or a trip you’d like to take.

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