A Global Leader in Respiratory Care since 1982

Precision Medical Inc. is a global medical device manufacturer specializing in respiratory medical equipment. Headquartered in Northampton, Pennsylvania, we are proud to be an American, family-owned company that provides hospitals and individuals worldwide with dependable medical products.

All product lines, fittings, and parts are handcrafted by people on a production line, not mass-produced. Our team performs multiple steps and tests to ensure each product and part is accurately assembled. This allows us to offer high-quality, built-to-order products to our customers. For 40 years, we have been committed to precise engineering, superior craftsmanship, and rigorous testing for maximum product dependability.

Precision Medical’s hospital products provide accurate oxygen, air, and suction administration to enhance comfort and positive patient outcomes. We bring hospital-quality respiratory products to patients in their homes with our homecare line including portable oxygen concentrators, air compressors, and aspirators. Additionally, we manufacture a broad range of medical fittings such adaptors, couplers, and quick connects in all major styles. All our hospital products and medical fittings are fully customizable to target the specific needs of our individual users.

Quality Assurance
Precision Medical is MDSAP and ISO 13485: 2016 certified.