Trach Guard


SKU: PM1150

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Protecting the exposed trach from accidental external occlusion. The Precision Medical Trach Guard is a tracheostomy tube protector. It helps prevent blocking of the tube opening by chubby chins, bedding, gauze dressings, clothing, and more.  It also prevents accidental connection of respiratory equipment to a patient’s endotracheal tube. It has a low profile and won’t get clogged by even copious secretions or coughed up mucous plugs. The Trach Guard is reported to be effective at stopping or deflecting these bits, so they are not projected forward. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning at home. Easy suctioning of secretions via large openings in the guard. Will not enable the accidental connection of respiratory equipment with standard 15 mm or 22 mm connections.

Material: Plastic
Color: Red
Patient Use: Neonatal and Adult use
Size: Standard 15mm and 22mm connections