The Eliminator


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When time is critical, you don’t want to be hooking up equipment. With the Eliminator, you simply lift up the resuscitation bag and oxygen begins to flow instantly, eliminating the need for continuous high oxygen flow to the bag.

The Eliminator is available with either chrome or compact flowmeters, left- or right-hand hanger locations, and all standard wall connection styles. The standard configuration comes in three preset flows. A fixed-flow barb controls flow to the resuscitation bag. The flowmeter operates independent of the Eliminator and can be used for oxygen treatments.

The Eliminator is also available in an adjustable configuration with a preset flowmeter setting that controls flow to the resuscitation bag, which is especially useful in neonatal resuscitation.

  • Inlet Fitting – Allows the Eliminator to be connected to a medical oxygen source that operates at 50 PSIG.
  • Outlet Fitting – Allows a flowmeter to be attached to the Eliminator. The flowmeter can then be used to regulate the flow of medical oxygen in liters per minute.
  • 90 Degree Elbow – Connects the fixed flow barb to the Eliminator.
  • Fixed Flow Barb – Provides a fixed flow rate of medical oxygen in liters per minute.
  • Hanger-Arm – Acts as an ON /OFF switch. Controls the flow of oxygen from the oxygen system source through the fixed flow barb. Provides a hanger to hang the resuscitation bag when not in use (i.e. the OFF position – no flow).
  • Eliminator Body – Contains all fittings for the connection of the medical oxygen system source, the flowmeter, and the fixed flow barb. Also, contains the Hanger-Arm (ON/OFF) switch.