Large Air Inlet Filter


SKU: 503237-10

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The large air inlet foam filter removes irritating dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke from your device’s airflow. It keeps the irritants under control that could possibly trigger allergic reactions.

– Compatible with: PM15 EasyAir Compressors, PM61 PowerVac and PM63 PowerVac+ Aspirators.

For best performance it should be vacuumed or cleaned weekly, using a mild soap and water and left to air dry completely before re-inserting into your machine. Air Inlet Foam Filters should be replaced as necessary when the foam begins to appear worn or degraded. The filter is only available in packs of 10.

Length: 6.25”
Width: 2.5”
Thickness: 0.5”
Material: Reticulated Polyester Foam
Color: Black
Pores per inch: 30